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Gotain is an e-commerce company launched in 2017 which provides its customers with custom-tailored curtains. Instead of flooding the customers with options they carefully selected a selection of fabrics and colors relevant to time and fashion. By doing this Gotain successfully filled the gap between interior stores and tailor shops on the block selling tailored curtains online.


Gotain reached out to us as the initial Woocommerce-based store platform was suboptimal and needed of a major overhaul. In terms of operations, the business had plenty of manual non-digital processes that were becoming problematic as they scaled.

The manual processes included non-digital workflows for handling everything from planning home visit services, such as measurement and curtain planning, to fabric samples and the custom-tailored curtain requests themselves.

In tight continuous collaboration with Gotain, we designed and developed a complete solution that greatly improved both customer experience and the internal workflow for Gotain’s employees.

Our solution

Service Design
Headless E-commerce
Technical Strategy
UI / UX Design
Web Development

We delivered a headless e-commerce platform consisting of a custom Shopify storefront that allows Gotain to sell products with various customization. Alongside the storefront, the solutions consists of a custom operations platform that lets the employees automate and digitally handle the previously manual workflows.

The custom platform includes kanban-like planning tools for the production, features to simplify the shipping of orders and samples. The platform also handles a lot more; optimizing sewing workflow by eliminating manual steps and sequencing the procedure, keeping the storefront's product availability in sync with Gotain's inventory of fabrics and notifying the customers about their order progress.

The new storefront has built-in features for guiding customers through the process of ordering curtains with custom measurements, browsing and ordering curtain samples, custom page-builder features, and more.

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