Operations platform and customer portal for 7A


In their pursuit of digitalization and internal workflow optimization, 7A collaborated with Inly to develop a comprehensive Digital Operations Platform, comprising both a digital operations platform and a customer-facing portal.


Before embracing digitalization, 7A utilized multiple systems to manage different aspects of their operations. Instead of seeking a replacement for these systems, 7A aimed for a solution that seamlessly integrated them, allowing the retention of their individual strengths and in-house knowledge. This approach optimized their workflow without necessitating a complete overhaul.

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Our solution

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System Integrations

Our solution involved the implementation of our Digital Operations Platform - a system designed to serve as a central bridge and gateway, connecting seamlessly with various other systems. The Backoffice of 7A now functions as the primary interface and hub where all customer data is gathered, processed, and efficiently managed. This strategic move allowed us to effortlessly establish a customer-facing portal, empowering clients to oversee bookings, invoices, and more.

The initial integration focused on linking with their PMS, Spacewell, where all customer contracts are securely stored.

The second integration targeted their CRM and leads generator, Upsales, enriching data exchange between sales and backoffice administrators.

For the third integration, we connected with Fortnox, a system dedicated to handling billing processes.

In addition, we seamlessly integrated with Steplock. This integration ensures the availability of meeting rooms, guaranteeing a smooth process when customers or backoffice administrators book through the portal.

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